Social media within the menu


How can I get the social media icons into/after the menu?

Keep up the good work



The simplest method to achieve this is by creating your menu like this:

Dazzling Social header

Otherwise you will have a hard time developing your own solution for that because this theme doesn’t support this kind of functionality by default.

I was hoping there might be a way of embedding <?php dazzling_social(); ?> into the menu?

Also, is there a way of implementing a header that moves with scroll like this theme?


Unfortunately, there is no space inside header unless you do other modification for it but it is out of scope of free support.

Sticky (fixed) menu can be created easily. Here is a simple tutorial for Sparkling theme but it should work the same way for Dazzling them as well.

Let me know if this helps.

That’s cool. If I figure it out I will post it.
Thanks for the tutorial is greatly appreciated.


Tutorial would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Let me know if there is anything else.