Social network icons on menu for Travelify theme?

I need to add social icons to the navigation bar and not the header. How can I do that in header-extensions.php? Thanks

It depends on how you want them to appear but it will require some additional modification in either way.
The basic idea is to move social buttons before closing and style them accordingly.
You might want to remove list style for social icons or at least give them separate class since WP Menus are based on unordered lists.

Another option would be to create another div where you will include both – social icons and current navigation and overwrite current CSS for the main-nav.

Hi Aigar
First of all thanks for the great theme, I use it on and it suit perfect to me!!

Somehow I liked the idea of having the social Icons on the Nav-Bar. I figured out that I’ll hav to cut out:

from the headeer extension, but I can’t figure out where to put it, while having the same apperance like now.
Could you help pls?

It is not very difficult to get this done.

You need to add this line of code where you want social icons to appear

travelify_socialnetworks( $flag );
To add them to menu just add it after line 244 on header-extensions.php. It will take styling from menu but you can wrap it with divs and style the way you like. You will have to echo them but you will see it from example how to use them.

many thanks, works perfect now!