Soliloquy is broken after Sparkling update

I recently updated the Sparking theme and since then the Soliloquy sliders are all broken. If you look here - you will see only the first image of the slider shows and the thumbnails are all stacked underneath.
Is there any fix for this, or can I roll back to the previous version?


It seems like none of the styles of the slider is loading.

Can you try disable all the plugins other that soliloquy and clear the cache and see that fixes the issue, if not is that happen after your https switching?

Also, temporarily switch to a default theme with all the plugins active, and see that fixes the issue or not.

Let us know,


Also you can use older version of theme using the following solutions.

Thanks to Movin - I installed rollback and went to the earlier version of the theme and all the slider and other problems were solved!

I hope they can fix this in future versions.

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: