Solved: Remove Add Cart Button on Product Img and Link to Product Page "FASHE"

This solution worked for me. The code removes the Add to Cart button on the product image and links the product image to the product page. I have attached an image of my code.

I replaced line 24-36 of the old code with line 24-27 of the code attached.

I have not noticed any problems with any other functionality. I am new to coding but I hope this works for you,

Hello there,

Nice work solving that issue and adding the solution here for everyone.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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Hiii do you mind putting the code in the comments here!

Hi Nicki

this is an old ticket, please start your ticket and we will help you,

p.s. when you reply in others ticket author is getting a notification about it, we don’t want to bother anyone, that’s why im closing this case