Some changes in horseclub theme

  1. How to change default font for all site? In russian and english languages text looks different (see pic 1)
    pic 1
  1. How to change numbers of “stars” in client’s feedback? (see pic 2)
    pic 2
  1. How to change background for pics on banner (see pic 3)? by default - all pics must be filled by translucent colour and when mouse over the pic - becomes original, now it vice-versa)
  1. How to change colour of the text on area on pic 4? When mouse over it must becomes white and have a colour by default (now - vice-versa)

hey there

Is this a WordPress theme or HTML template?
Please provide direct access to the page(s)


thank you for answer

this is HTML template “horseclub”.
Here is our site with it