Some code is overriding my footer color

I am using a child theme of DAZZLING. I am such a noob about all this php and css coding. I have been combing through the forums and have learned enough to be dangerous, I guess.
I have been tinkering with the color and setup feature of my blog pages. I am trying to learn what code controls what part of the page. anyway… something that I did must have changed the default (dark gray -#313233) of the theme color for the footer. This is puzzling because I haven’t been messing around with codes in that area at all.
I looked for and found the code that controls that in the styles.css but something is affecting it so that it doesn’t display a color at all. I have retraced my steps in the Custom CSS and style.css pages and cannot see what might be overriding the default.
Any help would be very appreciated as I am about to tear out my hair.
My blog page is located at but the footer changes are, of course, consistent on all pages of the site.
thank you in advance,

Hi LisaP,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your shared site and found although you are using the child theme you have made some changes in the style.css file of Dazzling parent theme therefore it is causing this issue.

To resolve the issue either download the attached original style.css file of Dazzling parent theme and replace the style.css file code on your site with the code from the shared file or just delete the Dazzling parent theme and reinstall it.

Best Regards,

Thank You! Thank you!
I replaced the parent theme style.css with the original that you provided and got my footer back. There must have been code in there from previous webmasters that got wiped clean as well, but I figured it out and add the needed changes to the code in the editor CSS.
I did not realize the problem of changing the style sheets in the parent or child theme areas.
From now on I will only add style sheet changes in the editor CSS.
You have been very helpful! fixed my problem, taught me the correct way to edit, and prevented future issues.
Thanks again!

You are always welcome here :slight_smile: