Some Featured and blog images will not display (flash and disappear)

Hello - I need some help. Recently, on Firefox and Edge, some images for my blogs posts will not display. They briefly flash, take up space, and then disappear. For example, many of the feature images do not display on the main blog page at

Similarly, please see the blog post at

The first internal image won’t display in Firefox or Edge but does appear in Chrome. I reuploaded and “Smushed” that image. But when I refresh the page (either F5 or ctrl-F5) the image briefly flashes and then disappears.

This is a recent problem. I am using WP 5.3.2 (reinstalled and purged all caches). All suggestions are welcome.

Thanks - Jeff

This is happening to me also. I have an image in Shapely Parallax Section Four that shows up in my Safari and Chrome browsers - however, not on my mobile Chrome. It also doesn’t show up on my husband’s Chrome on his Mac laptop that I use to test. Please help!

Hi there

Looks like this problem is already fixed? Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi there! This issue is also happening with my site:

I have a featured image on the home page in the Shapely widget: Shapely Parallax Section four. The image loads on Chrome and Safari on my laptop, however not on Chrome or Safari on my iPhone. It also isn’t loading on my husband’s Mac in Chrome which I use for testing. Please advise, thank you!

Hello - Unfortunately the problems persist. When visiting there are missing images when using Firefox and Edge. Chrome works as expected - all images are rendered. See following screen shot.

Thanks for looking at this.


Hi Jeff

Ok, got it, please deactivate Jetpack image lazy load and check your problem again

Hey Noda - You are fantastic! That fixed it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Do you suggest I enable a different lazy load method?

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Jeff, thank you :slight_smile:
You may try other Lazy load plugins, I saw other customers used it but can’t recall the name of the plugin, soon WordPress will add its lazy load feature in the core :slight_smile: