Something before slider on homepage

I would like to add something before the homepage slider.
Every page builder I tried (even with backend editor) doesn’t recognize the “space” between logo header and slider as a section, so I can’t add anything.

If I had a section I can use, for example, to write some text/a title or to add a shortcode, it would be great.

How could I solve this problem? Hope you could help me.

Hey there

Im sorry but there is no such option in the theme, at this moment this is not possible and without customization this is not optional

I’m sorry to hear that…
Is there no possibilities for me to add an empty div in the code before the slider function is called?

I don’t know which line of code I need to edit.

Thanks in advance.

Good morning

It’s possible but you need to know how PHP for this, otherwise you have to hire someone who can help you

If you just want to know name of the files use this plugin: Say what? – WordPress plugin |

Ok, thank you.
What’s the name of the function that shows the slider in the homepage? It should be in index.php, shouldn’t it?

Sorry for that, it’s time since I used PHP…