Sort By Dropdown Box Not Working on WooCommerce shop page


I’m using Unite theme with Woocommerce. Woocommerce includes a dropdown box on the shop page or product category pages which provides the option to sort products according to newness, rating, price etc.

This function does not appear to work on my site. I had assumed it was due to caching (I use W3TC) but that does not seem to be the case. I tried switching to an alternate theme and instantly this function started to work correctly. Switching back to Unite and the issue returns. When working correctly, on selecting an option from the box, the page reloads and the products are re-ordered. While using Unite, nothing happens at all (page does not reload).

Do you have any suggestions as to a fix for this?

Thank you for your time.

As you can see this functionality does work on our website demo. Which means that it is either some incompatibility with some plugin or some code modification have broken down theme functionality.

First thing you can try to do is to disable all plugins and then clear your website and browser cache to see it that resolved anything. If not, try to reinstall theme completely by removing it and the download it again.

Thank you. I have it working correctly on a non-production site too but despite trying your suggestions here, still can’t get it working on this particular site, other than by switching to another theme entirely.

Are there any known plugin compatibility issues that you are aware of types of plugin that might potentially cause this type of conflict? Anything you can suggest that might help me to start looking in the right place would be appreciated.


This can be anything, so make sure to disable all plugins except WooCommerce and then enable one by one to see which one is to blame. There is no known plugin that are incompatible with this theme and most likely there is some combination of plugins that doesn’t work well together.