Sort web page by type

This question is vague because I do not know exactly what to call what I want to do. I am creating a web page using Travelify and have a Testimonials section. I would like to have links at the top to sort the testimonials based on the type of testimonial it is (ie what product they are praising). I would also like to do the same for the DIY section (ie what product the instructions are for).

If this were my own page I was creating, I would create a MySQL database with a “CategoryID” and then I would pull the data via PHP from the database. The link on top that states “All” would show all the testimonials, the other links–when clicked on–would filter the Testimonials based on the “CategoryID.”

I saw that WooCommerce has something similar for the Products. You can add attributes and then use Layered Navigation based on those attributes. 2 questions: Is there a similar plugin/way to do this on another page (that isn’t a product)? Secondly, if it’s not that simple, is there a way to create the mysql/php code and then insert that code, along with the links to “CategoryID” into the Wordpress page? Thanks.