Soundcloud embeds on travelify wordpress theme?

Aigars, hi again. I was hoping you could tell me how to access the main file that holds the bulk of the code for your theme. My wordpress embedded soundcloud songs are not displaying correctly, instead they are displaying the code only. Go here for an example, Good Vibes Lounge …my thinking is that when I went to install one of the soundcloud widgets it must have used the word “soundcloud” when naming something in their code and even tho i have deactivated and deleted the widget, their is remnant code somewhere that is preventing the wordpress embedded soundcloud api from functioning properly. thanks again and in advance for your help!

You don’t need to use this outdated code for WordPress to embed SoundCloud songs, track lists etc. The only thing you need to do is copy the URL.

Here is an example:

When you click “share” on SoundCloud you will get a basic “Link”. Copy it and paste it in the new line inside your WordPress post.

oEmbed, the tool built in to deal with embedded content will to the rest. No need to use any other specific code or plugins.

More info about embedding you can find here:

Aigars, How would I do a post that shows up on the home page as a simple soundcloud song (preferably without a title). Right now when I try to do this I have to include a title for the post and even then the song won’t show unless I click “Read More” for the post.

The only option is to show full post instead of post excerpt on front page. You can do it by using Blog template which is built-in this theme. It will show a full content for all blog posts not just one particular.

Otherwise it require a heavy modification to make it work for just one post. Unfortunately, I am not up for that as this is free theme.