Sozial Media Button

Good evening,
I have not been working so long with WordPress and now have time about the social media buttons in Design “Unite”.
I can in the admin section under “Style - Theme Option - Social” add my links. The kipper buttons are then displayed in the design and are then forwarded to Facebook, etc…
Now my question:
How and where can I program a button so that it does not open in a new window but the content untem the content opens?
I ask for your help

Inside extras.php file find function called unite_social_item and then look for target="_blank" and remove that part form code entirely. It will drive visitors away from your page to social networks but will not open a new tab or window.

Thanks for your help,
the buttons should be already opened in the new window just a button I want lassem on my homepage

How can I change this?

I still don’t get it what you are trying to achieve there.

Social icons opens by default in new window/new tab depending on browser you use. Icons can be enabled by adding links to social network fields via Theme Options.

Sorry for my inconvenience but it is really hard to understand you.

Good evening,

I try to use an image. I have added a button which is not Sozail Media button but a button of my business. The button in the black circle to remain on the website and can not be opened like Facebook in another window.

Ok, now I see.

It really depends how you added those buttons there, via CSS or there is HTML/PHP behind them. Basically target="_blank" is what makes buttons to open in new windows and you should remove it from those buttons.

If you modified only CSS and want Facebook to open in new windows but not custom created buttons then it won’t be possible unless you rewrite the entire code around those buttons.

Can you share what modifications to that section you have made it so far, then maybe I will be able to help but I can’t promise it for sure.

Thank you for your help.

I’m not a programmer but I have found the code and tells me to open all the buttons in a new window. Can you rewrite so that only “five good reasons” on the home page opens and the rest in the new window?

//Display social links
function unite_social(){
  $output = '<div id="social" class="social">';
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_facebook'), 'Facebook', 'facebook');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_twitter'), 'E-Mail', 'twitter');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_google'), '5 gute Gründe', 'google-plus');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_youtube'), 'YouTube', 'youtube');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_linkedin'), 'LinkedIn', 'linkedin');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_pinterest'), 'Pinterest', 'pinterest');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_feed'), 'Feed', 'rss');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_tumblr'), 'Tumblr', 'tumblr');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_flickr'), 'Flickr', 'flickr');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_instagram'), 'Instagram', 'instagram');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_dribbble'), 'Dribbble', 'dribbble');
  $output .= unite_social_item(of_get_option('social_skype'), 'Skype', 'skype');
  $output .= '</div>';
  echo $output;

function unite_social_item($url, $title = '', $icon = ''){
  if($url != ''):
    $output = '<a href="'.$url.'" target="_blank" title="'.$title.'">';
    if($icon != '') $output .= '<span class="social_icon fa fa-'.$icon.'" alt='.$icon.'></span>';
    $output .= '</a>';
    return $output;


I am using the Unite theme and for the life of me I cannot find anything in the Theme Options for adding social network links. ("Icons can be enabled by adding links to social network fields via Theme Options. ") I see Main, Typography, Header, Footer, and Other. Is there another place I should be looking?


OK, weird. Turns out the Social tab was being hidden by the “Ad Block Plus” extension in Firefox. Sorry for the false alarm!