Space Theme - How Do I Link Project Pages?

For some reason, I can’t figure out how to utilize the portfolio image blocks on the home page. Should I build out separate pages then have it somehow link to each image or how does it work?

If you look at the original theme preview, it opens up a new section about the project. It’s not working for me.

Here is a video of what’s happening: Screen capture - a31b88857e6833cfce3dd439ab490d18 - Gyazo

As an example, here is a snippet of code for the third image on my home page:

Thank you for the help in advance, thank you.

Hi there

" Should I build out separate pages then have it somehow link to each image or how does it work?" - Yes, thats the point, you need to link those cards to anything you want, it can be a post, page or any post type you want

But where do I link it? I have changed the <a href=> to the page I want but when I click, the homepage still does nothing. Am I linking in the wrong place?


Please provide direct url to the page and I will check it

Sorry, it is not live yet, I will provide you zip file. Whenever I click on the image, it acts like it will try to open but nothing will happen.

Hello, any updates on support? I’m hoping to make my website live soon. Thank you for your help so far :slight_smile:


Jut remove this class from the link property: Screenshot by Lightshot and try again

Thank you!! It worked <3

Now, I’m curious, is it possible to password protect a page? I want someone to click on a image of my portfolio then when it redirects, it asks for a password. Is this possible?

Thank you!

Also, how do I make it so the contact form really works and sends me an email when the website is live?


  1. Password - Yes, possible but you need to code it, it will require customization work
  2. contact form - This is only a frontend, you need to build a backend processing file to process data from the contact form,

Okay, can you help me build the contact form so it properly works? :slight_smile:


Im sorry, but its outside of our support scope, you need to build such forms yourself
Here is an example: PHP Form Handling


New question, I’ve noticed that the icomoon icons work when I “locally” open my pages but when I upload the files to my web host online. The icons don’t work, can you help me understand why?

you’ll see at bottom right where icons should show, they don’t, only blue circles

Hi thre

those style files are not loading from the server, please verify Screenshot by Lightshot and if you cant resolve the problem get in touch with hosting support


Thanks @jerir.byrd :smiley: