Sparklin Slider not visable

Hi there

Thx for this great theme.

I have installed te Sparklin theme the in last 2 day’s, and have been optimizing my blog.
When I put my blog online the slider does not seem to work.
In the preview al seems fine.
In the preview the slider looks fine (on a dynamic homepage), so why doesn’t it show op when I am online.

I have tried to work on a static page but that doesn’t work for me.
Am I doing something wrong. (please don’t let my 2 long days of work op my blog work be for nothing)

I have 1 other small question.
How can ik make the footer links change colour, when hovering ? They stay white when I changed the code to #00CC00 (green)
This is not possible via the menu

My blog is:



It is working fine on preview because you have configured W3 Total Cache to not cache pages and minify scripts for administrator, so it works fine. In all other cases your scripts are minified and that causes JavaScript conflicts with other plugins you are using and in this case it breaks slider.

Make sure to configure W3 Total Cache minify settings properly or disable it completely. Other options would leave JavaScript files that comes with theme out from minification and minify ones that comes with plugins.

For copyright information you can use this code via Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS:

.site-info a, #footer-area a:hover {
  color: #00CC00;


Thank you for your superfast response.
I have deleted W3 Total cache (I do not know how to set this up properly, so its better this way)
The slider works great now :slight_smile:

The footer hover code works fore me to.

You should get a raise

Thx for your great support


You can keep W3 Total Cache enabled as it will make your site to load faster but only keep Minify settings disabled. Other things such as Database Cache, Browser Cache, Object Cache are recommended and will speed up your website. Minify options is the tricky one and usually causes more problems that it adds benefits.