Sparkling Child Theme | I've been a bit of a dummy...


I’ve been using the Sprakling theme for quite some time now and actually made my first WordPress website using it. I’ve been learning a lot along the way. At this point I see I made a big mistake to begin with. Sadly when I started developing the website I started making adjustments to the original theme files, instead of to a child theme. Now I can’t update the theme, so I would like to know if there is a way to find out which files I have altered? As far as I understand I only need the altered code to be present in the child theme, but I’ve got no clue what I changed exactly.

All answers are appreciated!

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Hi Thom,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can use the following online tools to compare your modified theme files with original unmodified theme files and implement the made changes in child theme.

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Thanks a lot! That really helps.

I ran into a new problem though, suddenly my posts aren’t showing up on my website’s homepage. It simply says there’s nothing found. I most certainly did make some posts though, and they worked earlier today. Is this a theme thing or a WP thing? I’m not running any cache plugins or anything and my Setting > Read > settings are correct AFAIK. This might not be the right place for these type of questions but any help is appreciated.

This is the URL to the website by the way (it’s in Dutch, I’m sorry): I checked the database in phpMyAdmin, repaired the tables, checked whether or not the content was in the wp_posts table, which is was, and still no posts showing (even though the home banner and post excerpt are showing). I didn’t change the permalinks either. I tried disabling a couple of plug-ins, but I’m afraid to disable all of them, because I don’t want to mess anything up.

I visited your shared site and it’s just displaying the message “Excuus voor het ongemak. Onze website ondergaat op dit moment gepland onderhoud. Bedankt voor uw begrip.”

Make sure you have published the created posts.

Please try resaving your permalink settings.

Also try temporary using default WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen.