Sparkling Child Theme Read More Tags Stopped Showing After Customizing

We haven’t don’t much updating of the look of our site for a while, so did some changing of colors on things, etc. (nothing “under the hood”. We really like what we’ve wound up with, but do now have the missing Read More issue we had with the Sparkling theme before moving to the Child theme. Am a learning as I go webmaster (nothing beyond basic HTML – which is why I didn’t mess with css or php file modifications).

People can click on the header to get the full text, but I don’t think its something they’ll do automatically. Suggestions on a fix/work around appreciated.

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I’m trying to gain access to your site to have a look at what’s happening with your Read More buttons, however, I’m getting a DNS error. Could you please check on the link you sent in and let me know if that’s the right one?

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

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