Sparkling Front Page - Correct in Live Preview but NOT when viewing LIVE

In live preview of my front page, each blog post shows a snippet and then there is a ‘Read More’ button. When viewing my website in another browser, the ENTIRE blog post shows on the front page. Any idea what’s going on?

Hi @kristinszerszen,

Could you please share me your site URL where it’s happening so that i can troubleshoot it?

Best Regards,

Thank you so much!

I can see entire blog posts on the home page of your shared site as shown in the attached screenshot.

You can control what to display on the home page from theme settings as shown in the second attached screenshot.

I would like it to show the post excerpt. I have that box checked just like the screenshot you showed me. And with the box checked it is showing full length posts. However, in the customizer it shows correctly. Check out this screenshot, see how it’s different from my actual site?

I can see it is displaying post excerpt on your site as shown in the attached screenshot.

Please test it clearing your browser cache or using different browser.