[Sparkling] Mobile Dropdown Menu Problem: expand/collapse not working

I’m experiencing a behaviour similar to this other post, but nothing written there seems to help. I’ll write the details here.

When I access the sparkling demo on a mobile device, the menu works fine, no problems. But when I access my own website with a mobile device, there is a bug that keeps the dropdown expand/collapse effect from working. I already followed the most frequent answers to these kinds of problems, including:

  • Properly configuring the EBS plugin as per documentation said.
  • Enabling/disabling the EBS plugin (just to be sure).
  • Enabling/disabling some other plugings who might interfere.

But I still couldn’t sort it out: the dropdown menus aren’t working on mobile for my website.

You can experience the issue and review the full HTML/CSS/JS code here:

Look at Software & Web and Entertainment menu items: if you open these from a PC, you can see the dropdown working as intended showing the sub-menus correctly. If you try to open these from a mobile device, nothing happens and you basically cannot navigate there at all.

Hope you can help,

I’m having the same problem. Has someone found a solution yet?

I have the exact same problem on my site www.bageglad.dk:

In the Sparkling theme demo, the desktop + mobile menu works.
On my site, the desktop menu works but the mobile menu won’t expand.

I don’t have the Easy Bootstrap plugin installed.

Please help me resolve this ASAP

I managed to have it fixed: as Algars said, the culprit was indeed an additional bootstrap js/css file pair added by a plugin (Download Manager in my case). As soon as I disabled the Bootstrap resource inclusions in the plugin, which was nice enough to give the user that option, the issue went poof.

You can read this post I made for an extensive review of these kind of issues, explaining how to pinpoint/fix the issue and working on a most permanent solution (a plugin i’m developing these days to help dealing with these rather common scenarios).

Hi Darkeasel, thanks - it seems you have found a solution but for me, I dont know how! I am not as advanced as you! I am quite new to wordpress and sadly dont know how to do a lot of what you wrote in your post! :frowning:

I dont know how to ‘open the html source’ or ‘search for a number of js or css conflicts’ and I think im too scared to delete anything! Is this the only way to find out which plugin is causing the problem? If so I dont think I will be able to do this!

Hi Katie,

here’s another (simpler) approach: just disable the first of your plugins and see if the problem persists: if it does, re-enable the first plugin, disable the second and try: then re-enable the second, disable the third and try again… until you find the one who’s causing you trouble.

As soon as you find it, write its name here and we’ll help.

Just in case someone reads this thread looking for a solution to a similar problem that I had.
My dropdown worked fine on mobile devices but not on my laptop.
In the end it was the “WP Responsive header image slider” plugin that broke the drop down menu.

@grotekoning Thank you for sharing the solution others that it is plugin conflict issue.