Sparkling Theme Gutenberg Preview Button


This is more of a update for users who are using WordPress 5.1 and the Sparkling theme.

The Gutenberg editor does not enjoy meta-box data. If you are having troubles with the preview button with any post/page you should install the classic editor plugin.

If you are a developer like myself, you could always open the metaboxes.php found in the inc folder and comment out line number 7.

Hopefully the editor preview button gets a rework so we don’t need to worry about this.

Hello Mike

can you provide a screenshot of the problem and code you changed?
right now i cant check it and i want to report this problem with screenshot


So with your meta-box (or any plugin/theme that adds them) the preview doesn’t show changes. This is the Gutenberg editors fault and not yours. Commenting out your metabox code makes the preview button work again. I have no plugins enabled. I published this fix for 5 of my clients now and it seems to be working again,

At least, this is what was causing my problem so hopefully this is what the problem is for others as well.

Hopefully the editor gets fixed!