Specfying the page order for the pages widget

I have tried to manually specify the page order I want to see in the sidebar using the pages widget, but some pages appear in a different order. I figured out there’s a problem if I try to have a parent after the child, or otherwise involve parent-child relationships, but I can’t figure out what else I’m doing wrong.

What happens if two pages have the same number?
Where do the ones I’ve left at “0” go?
Do the numbers have to be consecutive, or can I skip some to leave room for future pages?
Are there some other rules for assigning page order?

I was able to exclude pages from the list, so I have no questions about that.


Hi there,

Could you try and have your pages not be parents of other pages or just have them in the default manner. Also leave the order at 0 the default.

Then on the page widget use the page IDs to specify the pages and order you want.

Thanks for the reply. I think the parent relationships need to stay because the hierarchy in the menus is more important than the pages widget, but that doesn’t affect all of them. The default order isn’t working for me.
I’ll take another look.

Hi there,

You can always add the pages to the menu in the dropdowns the way you want:


Maybe you have a specific need you have not revealed but the above allows you to set up the menu as you want.