Speed up my site

I would like to speed up my site. I read on the internet that it would be better to have the CSS in a single style sheet.
How can I do?

I also read that you should have a subdomain where to put static files, can you tell me more?

Thanks in advance.

You can combine and minify CSS and JavaScript files using tools that are specially made for it such as WP Rocket that we use for our website as well.

Loading assets from a subdomain won’t give a thing to performance. What you should do is to use CDN such as Cloudflare, KeyCDN or other. Using cdn you will be able to load assets from subdomain such as cdn.yoursite.com or use URLs provided by CDN itself.

There are many resources to speed up your site. You can use W3 Total Cache. It’s fairly complicated and can break your site. There’s a guide that explains all part of the plugin and how to use it best for your site. You can also make use of a really good image optimizer such as ShortPixel, WP Smush Pro, Imagify etc.

Thanks for the answers first!

Are there any free plugin alternatives with WP Rocket?
Just to give it a try, of course the paid one will perform 100%.

I’m using Autoptimize as a plugin, say it can be fine for the cache?

Autoptimize is fine too. Obviously, WP Rocket will provide additional benefits and will make your website faster but, like everything, comes with a price.

With various operations I managed to bring the loading of the site in 2s, and that’s enough for now, since it first loaded in more than 5s.

Thanks for the answers, you can mark this topic as finished!

Thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

I will mark this ticket as resolved