I have a website with Activello theme.

The slider working great but I am not really happy with the automatic resizing function.
So when the screen resolution is smaller or the browser window’s size is reduced,
the slider image is resizing automatically keeping the ratio.

Is it possible to have a fixed, static slider with a width and height
so it is always in the middle of the screen and its size is not changing.

Hope it makes sense

Hi @pluside2018,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The large slider images can’t be displayed on smaller screens without resizing so could you please share me the screenshot of how you want it to display?

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hi. thanks

Please find 3 screenshots attached

First jpg shows the widescreen which is great
Second jpg shows smaller window size or resolution, and the banner is automatically resized so the image is smaller than needed
Third jpg shows how it should look… the image size is the same and maybe the rest on left and right overflows ?

IS it possible technically at all ?


Yes it seems possible but for that you have to remove the extra white space added in your slider images as shown in the attached screenshot.

I see, so if the image size is smaller than 1920px then there is no rescaling.
yes, it is good I have tested


You are most welcome here :slight_smile: