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Hi! I am using the Sparkling theme for a new wordpress site I’m setting up and I’m having issues getting the homepage to update to a static page.
I created a page called Home and set it as the static home page in the Reading options. When I click update it says the update has been made but the update is not reflected on the actual site. When I click preview it looks like I expect it would based on the updates I made.
If I change to having the homepage update as blog posts are made I can then access the home page by typing I see the updates only at the point. When I change it back to static, the changes are reverted to text I can’t find anywhere in my wp panel.
Hope you can help!

One thing I think is worth pointing out is that I just changed the static home page > Front Page to “Contact” and the content of the static home page is unchanged. And now both the Home and Contact links on the top menu go to - and neither display the expected homepage content.

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Actually the page you have set as home page on your site is having page id 80 so please change that page content to change your home page content.

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Please try clearing thee browser cache because it may be using a cached page and that is why the changes will not appear.

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That seems to have worked.

However, I had a similar issue the other day again when I updated the page. I accessed the webpage on a totally separate device after making changes and clicking update. When i accessed the updated site on the separate device the changes weren’t reflected. It took a few times of clicking update on the laptop for it to work on the other device. Is there a known time delay? When I’ve used wordpress in the past I thought I remember it being automatic.

Is there anything i should be doing other than hitting update on the page in the wordpress pages section?

If the changes are reflecting on one device but not on another then this may be caching issue so please try clearing your browser cache or using different browser.