Static Home with Widget Sidebar

I am using a static home page, but when I use a home page widget they all appear at bottom of page. How can I am make the widget appear on the right sidebar just like all the other pages?

It is expected behavior for this theme as there is special template file created for it. To make it work just like any page you should remove/rename front-page.php file from theme folder and it will start using page.php template instead.

Thanks, this was my question, too. Aigars, won’t this code be lost in future upgrades? And, if so, is there code that can be added to the Custom CSS in Theme Options instead?

Another, more minor question: is there a way to search for topics within the Sparkling Theme Support Forum? If so, I can’t find it! (Didn’t mind reading through all the questions to find this, as it helps familiarize me with the theme, but it would be nice to be able to search more quickly.)

Many thanks. I just found your theme and love it!


You can also make changes via Child Theme. Copy/paste front-page.php file to Child Theme root folder and replace its content with everything from page.php That way you will make these changes update safe. You can download a clean Sparkling Child Theme form here.

I tend to tag all forum posts with theme name so you can use general forum search which is available here: Whatever you are looking just add theme name to your search query. For example if you would need to find this post you could search for:

“front page sidebar sparkling”

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for the prompt reply and info, @Aigars. Glad to have that forums link — just what I needed!

I’ve managed to avoid using Child Themes thus far, so if there is an easy piece of code I can add to the Custom CSS, I’d prefer that. If not, I’ll dive in.

Just ran into an issue re the header (sometimes it lands on top, sometimes it’s small and on one side); I’ll search for that now.

Thanks, again.

Hi Aigers, is there any way you can help with the code for the Custom CSS on this? I would much prefer to use this option and have tried to figure it out, but to no avail. Would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

P.S. @Aigers FYI, I don’t seem to get email notifications although the box below is ticked. Just checked profile and email is correct (and I did get initial confirmation email when I signed up.)


Unfortunately, it is not possible to get done via Custom CSS field. But this simple trick I explained that can be done via Child Theme will make it update safe. You will be able to get the latest theme updates and still have the tweaked layout.

Currently we are having some problems with bbPress and Mandrill(service used for email delivery) that’s why some emails are lost in the way. It will be fixed with the bbPress 2.6 update which was expected to be released few months ago but still nothing. Hope to see this update very soon.


Thanks to @Amit’s help with Sparkling Child Theme on another thread on this forum, I was finally able to execute this (my workaround had been to use a static post but this is much better.)

One last issue: I want to hide the page title on this one page. After reading other threads, I put the following code in the Custom CSS field, but it does seem to change anything.

.page.entry-title {
display: none;

Can you advise? (Also, will I have to do anything to adjust for the space where the title was?)

Many thanks!