Static image instead of slider

Hi Colorib team!

Is there any way of having a static image instead of the slider?


HI Víctor

not optional to choose from video or from the image but you can create one category for the slider, then add only one post in this category and only one image-slide will be displayed… then i can help you to hide titles and other stuff from the slider :slight_smile:

Hi Noda,
I’ve tried that and now I have two problems:

  1. As you said, it’s a clickable element that drives to an empty entry
  2. My first blog entry is just an empty one…

Hi there

Now i need to see it, please provide url and i will take a look

hey there

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

div.flex-caption {
display: none;

Colorlib Support Team

Many thanks, Noda!! It works. You’re awesome!!


Just one more question (for now). Are the top menu and search bar optional? I’m happy with just the side menu and search and don’t need them at the top…

:slight_smile: thank you too

Yes, no problem, its not necessary to use them, you can leave them blank :slight_smile:

Hi There,

As I mentioned before, my first entry now is an empty one, just to have that Image as a header. Is there any way to hide the entry and keep the header?


hi Victor

Sorry buddy but cant get your last question, which entry is blank and where? i guess we are calling things differently, could you provide a screenshot?