Statis plus blog homepage

Hi all and thanks for sharing this great theme.

I’m building a site using Dazzling but I am not able to have a static homepage plus the blog under the call for action.

According to the WP codex I’ve created 2 blank pages, home and blog, and I’ve set the static page in settings>reading but in the homepage I get a blank article while the link to the blog works fine.

Maybe I’m drowning in an inch of water…so thnx in advance! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You can choose static page OR blog page and not combine them in the front page.

You can use static page on front page and leave blog for other page.

In our demo page we have slider + call for action section + blog. Blog is used in the front page by default if there is no specific settings added inside Settings - Reading.

Thank you Aigars, I’m going to use the static page leaving the blog for other pages.

So…maybe I’ve misunderstood the WP codex or it is not allowed in Dazzling? Here’s the link where I’ve read about static-page+blog (3rd option): .

Sorry for noob questions and my poor english :slight_smile:

If you are developer, then you can create this kind of setup by integrating both static page and blog loop from index.php but this is something this theme doesn’t support. At least for now.

If there will be enough requests for this feature it might become a part of theme but right now you are the first to request it between 30,000 other users :slight_smile: