Sticky Category List on Front Page

hello, hope you all are having a nice day, first of all we are really thankful to you guys for creating such amazing theme, there are just customization you can do to this theme beyond limits.
we sat the theme to our customization and we couldn’t find an setting to perform in its display of first page, basically its not an theme issue but we want any suggestion or a way to make this thing, all we wanted and tried to do was to make list or table of post or category to display on front page,i know i cannot make you understand like this but here’s the thing what we were trying to make.

so if there are any plugin to use or something else to do with the theme to make it work like this, we tried our best but couldn’t make anything even close to this so we had to revert to our old theme. please give us any suggestion, it would be really appreciated,
thanks in advance
Jerry Smith

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I haven’t tested this but give this a shot.
Here’s a plugin you can look into: List category posts – WordPress plugin |
Next, go to Customize > Front Page Section > You add the full-width section and add the shortcode from the plugin.
I hope this helps.

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