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I was wondering if there was a way to apply the sticky header setting to JUST mobile, not desktop?

My website is

Thanks so much!

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You can try this plugin here: Sticky Menu On Anything

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Hi @baileymills802,

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You can try achieving this by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your theme on the below path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

@media (max-width: 768px){
    .navbar-collapse {
    position: fixed;
    top: 50px;
    left: 0;
    z-index: 999999;
    background: #141316;
    width: 100%;
.navbar-default .navbar-toggle{
        position: fixed;
        top: 0;
        right: 0;
        z-index: 999;


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Hey Movin, I tried adding that code but it didn’t change anything to my mobile site, the header still disappears while scrolling.

I don’t see the CSS code used on your shared site so could you please tell me where have you added it so that i can troubleshoot it?

Sorry, removed the code because it didn’t work. I have re added it into the additional css on my site so you can troubleshoot. Thanks so much!

It seems you have some incorrect CSS code on your site like following which makes the shared CSS code not to work.

.navbar-default .navbar-nav
.dropdown-menu > li{
	 font-size: 16px;

To resolve it please try changing above CSS code as following or try adding my shared CSS code in the top of your existing CSS code.

.navbar-default .navbar-nav,
.dropdown-menu > li{
	 font-size: 16px;

I changed the code to the lower one but still don’t see a change.

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When you added the code, are you seeing any errors that could be preventing the code from running?

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I am not seeing anything, no. Everything seems fine

Hey guys, sorry for all of the trouble. I just reread the conversation and tried the plugin listed above,and it worked! Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: