Sticky menu color change

Is there any code that can make the the menu shift colors, going from one color on top of page then changing when scrolling down?

Hey there

Probably that’s possible by custom CSS, please provide url to the page and let me know what exactly you want to change and how

would like to get the menu white (background color) with blue text and switch to blue background color and white text when scrolling.


Header is completely blank, check this out, you need to add some elements in the header navigation: Screenshot by Lightshot

Yes, the header is white with menu text in blue (EN) for the other page. I’m trying to find a css code to make it shift from white background to blue and white text on scroll.


Try this code:

#header .is-sticky .top-header {
background-color: #205ca2;
#header .is-sticky .header-navigation ul li a {
color: #fff;

Yes, that worked great. How do i make the logo switch as well?


Sorry, but changing the logo, in this case, is not possible :slight_smile:

There’s no code to invert the menu in this theme?


No, unfortunately there is no such option in the theme,