Stretch Header Across Page & Button Colors

Hi I updated my theme and noticed a couple changes. My website is

How do I do the following:

  1. My header image no longer displays across the entire page as it used to. How do I make it display the width of the page?

  2. All the button ex. Read More on the homepage and throughout the website used to be the color #69ddcd. How do I make them all this color?


Hi there

these changes are not made from the theme update, i don’t know what exactly happened but changes are made on the page not in the theme
1.2. you must check elements on the page, check their settings

Hi Noda-

Thanks for the reply. I was able to get the button colors changed to blue. Three follow up questions for you:

  1. For the header, how do I get the social media icons to display and for the header stretch across the page? I reached out to GoDaddy and they said it is a Theme issue.

  2. For the footer, how do I deleted the powered by WordPress verbiage?

  3. For the footer, how do I take out the double that is between each line on the left?


Good evening

  1. there is no option in the theme to place social icons in the header
  2. first you have to buy a license and then we can help you with custom css
  3. for line-height in footer menu you can use this css:

.footer-nav.nav > li a {
padding: 5px 10px;

Okay, thanks for the info.

As for #3, I was able to get that to work.


You are welcome :slight_smile:
I will mark this ticket as resolved now