stuctured data problems

Hello I am having many errors with my structured data on google webmaster tools, I have read on this forum that you will update the theme to fix the errors (they are mostly “missing author” and “missing updated”), but that was on January 2014, is there any update you can give on this, or can you link me a page describing how to fix this (I have already googled the problem and tried many solutions, but nothing works).


You have already answered your question - nothing works. Well, nothing works in WordPress and these are not things that are important in SEO as they aren’t crucial.

Even if you implement SEO plugins such as SEO by Yoast you will see “updated” and “author” tags added in your website source but Google will still say that they are missing.

If you would Google around you will see that this is common problem with all WordPress sites but the good is that it doesn’t affect your Google ranking, so you shouldn’t care too much about it.