Styling & integration issue with Slider Revolution

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Bit of advice needed please, which of these Colorlib Themes works best with Slider Revolution? (I’m not too hot on the programming-side so it’s difficult for me to fix styling that way.) I have an awesome slider created with Slider Revolution which I need to use as front page, full-width for a site, problem is all the themes I’ve tried leaves huge padding areas in the header area. I need it full page, close to the top as possible, even the site title can be below or alternatively, thin-ish top side.

I’ve read through a couple of other posts suggesting I add code to the Sparkling-theme header.php file but that creates a whole lot of other scrolling issues further down the page.

Any suggestion? Please.

Styling integration is a great thing for appearing something better,but you are right that it has lots of issues with slider revolution, so for setup of integration issues ,as you use animations, timings and styles that you set using revolution sliders is best WordPress plugins to integrate it, once i did same thing with my custom dissertation help project for my college and i got a great response through out it. So i always suggest it to others for their assistance.

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Illdy would be a good option because it is the most compatible theme regarding third party visual plugins. It would also benefit you to use a slider revolution widget in the theme because these themes were developed with widget use in mind.

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Thank you for the feedback. I’ll give Illdy a try in a moment and give feedback.


Sure and if you need any help then feel free to ask it in Illdy theme forum here


  1. Slider Revolution inserts full width on the front page quite handsomely, but only way down the page.
  2. Seems the ‘Jumbotron’ section is locked and cannot be moved from the top - will have to look for an alternative theme or display method.

I’ve used Slider Revolution together with another premium theme in the past which displays the desired result, however, budget for this small project unfortunately doesn’t allow to purchase another theme with Slider Revolution integration.

Thank you for everybody’s feedback.

Thank you for sharing your feedback here and as said above if you need any help then feel free to ask it in Illdy theme forum here

This topic must be integration on that subject from I aware that topic so I have to work on slider to be in place of theme has multiple page template assisting from needs to be activated page settings and revolution slider is and always will be included with the theme Online Dissertation Help and easily to get activate it. All the other slider plugins (Layer Slider, Elastic Slider, Themefusion Slider, Flexslider).

@sarahcraigh Could you please tell me regarding which theme you are talking about?

I have an inquiry. kindly look at this site first. a photograher’s portfolio site. on his landing page , there is line of content on the base. this content can continue every one of the photos and keep static. would this be able to slider do that. I mean. on the off chance that I include content and layer, would this be able to one layer apply to all the foundation pictures and keep static. much appreciated.

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