Sub-Menu Dissapearing too fast


I cannot click the new submenus I’ve created because it fades out way too fast.

I have no clue about how to fix it, so any help is highly appreciated.

The website:

Massive thanks!

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

#header .top-header .header-navigation ul a {
    margin-bottom: 0px;
    padding-bottom: 25px;

Colorlib Support Team

Thanks for answering,
unfortunately, this solution doesn’t fix the problem.

Is there any other way?

Good evening

Cant see child menu elements anymore, can you add them back again?

Sure, I’ve just added it again.

I also have kept the css code you provided.


ok, lets try different approach, please use this css now instead:

#header .top-header .header-navigation ul li:first-child {
margin-left: 40px !important;
#header .top-header .header-navigation ul li {
margin-left: 30px !important;

Now, while I’m in the Additional CSS windows and I add the code, if I put the mouse over the main menu where submenus are, I can “hover” over the first submenu. But only if the point mouse is on a very tiny are of the space. I cannot reach the second submenu, and I can do none of these things while on the normal website view.

I’ve tried to play with the parameters but the situation doesn’t improve -or at least I cannot see it.

Do you still think it’s a problem of menu position?

Thanks for the continuous support!

PS: All the edits are for trying to correct my English (lol)


Please add and leave the code in the customizer :slight_smile:
this is first time i see such a problem,

It is still in the customizer. :o