Sub-menu does not appear on main page

Hi and thank you for this theme.

This sub-menu has worked.

Below “Home” menu item, I have 3 items. The triangle appears beside the word “Home”.
When I hover the mouse on the triangle, the sub-menu does not appear. In the case I click on the triangle, the effect is the same as I click on Home item.

Note, I put second level menu items as a first level menu item… They work.
I deleted Home menu item and I recreate it, always the same problem.

Note : I have a multisite wp and MultilingualPress extension. The issue is the same on other wehsite.
I hope this does not come from the 4.5 wp update ?!

Thank you for your feedback.
Best Regards, José

Hello @jrelland,

If you haven’t already, you should update the theme to meet the latest files:

There was some menu malfunctions due to the wordpress update, let me know if this fixed the issue.

Otherwise, please provide more details as I’m having trouble to understand the exact issue.

Website link would be a good start.


Hello and thank you for this.

Sub level menu works weel, thank you.

Please not an issue on the top left part of the screen : we keep the menu in blue text :).

To get this issue:

  • Get a screen with a horizontal menu,
  • Retract the width screen and get a hamburger icon menu :)
  • Click on the hamburger menu icon and get the list menu
  • Enlarge the screen to get
  • a horizontal menu again.

Please, note that on my site, horizontal menu is fixed. Blue text menu stay at the top of the page.

Refresh the page, the blue menu will disappear.

Do not hesitate to have a look here :
Main language in English, to French. (MultilingualPress extension).

Thank you for your time and considération, José.