Sub Menu in Mobile view not working


Thanks for the great free theme!

However there seems to be an issue with the current build/bootstrap version as sub menu items do not show when in mobile view. The drop down doesn’t expand on hover or click.

I notice this is also the case for the Sparkling Demo

Please can you advise.

Many thanks,


What mobile device do you use?

There might be some local issues on our website as we were working on some improvements. Could you please clear your mobile browser cache and visit Sparkling demo again?

The one thing that might cause problems with Sparkling and Bootstrap themes in general is misconfigured Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes Plugin (if you use one). You can see that mentioned at the very end of Sparkling documentation.

Thanks for the very prompt response.

Just checked the demo - its working now.

But still not functioning properly on the site I am developing:

I hadn’t installed EBS plugin - and it wasn’t working then (its the ‘About Us’ sub menu items not showing)… I have now installed the EBS plugin (and configured as advised) just in case that was throwing it out… but still no joy.

Many thanks,


Ok, I see. Problem is caused by “Content Views” (not sure if it is called exactly like that in your dashboard) plugin as it is also using Bootstrap, so there are two Bootstrap files loaded and are conflicting. It is basically the same why Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes had to be configured to avoid duplicate Bootstrap files.

Make sure if this plugin have an option to disable Bootstrap loading and use one include with theme. If there are no such option you can either comment it out form plugin code or from theme functions.php file. If you don’t know how to do it, please let me know which option you prefer and I will guide you through.

Hello Aigars, I am having the same problem as Carlos. Only on mobile phones, tablets are working ok, clicking on the dropdown doesn’t expand. Your dropdown works for me on the Sparkling Demo, just not my site.

I am using EBS and have my settings just as you show in the Sparkling Documentation. Can you please take a look at my site. Thanks so much in advance. I really like your theme!


Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

Unfortunately, you haven’t configured Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes properly as Bootstrap is printed in your website source multiple times. Here you can see a proof:

Aigars, thank you for the help. I did have the settings correct but it wasn’t working. I simply deactivated EBS and reactivated it and… voila!

Thanks for the super fast response.

Hi @aigars, I’m also having the same problem as mcwine and carlos.

According to the replies, I believe that it has something to do with the conflict of Bootstrap but I don’t really know what’s going on here.

I have tried viewing the source of my site and searching bootstrap but have only found sparkling related lines.

My site is

Could you help me out here? And thanks for such a great theme!


It appears that you are having a different problems with your website. Try to disable all plugins on your website and then check if menu starts working again.


Thank you for your response, it appears that the FitVids plugin was the one causing the problem. I previously installed it to make embedded videos responsive but I think this issue has been addressed in Wordpress 4(?), but the menu is now working again after I’ve deactivated the plugin.