Sub-Menus Do Not Display

I have a couple of categories under my main sub-menus that require an additional layer of menus (a 3rd layer). Everything looks good in the Menus part of the admin, but they will not display on the site.

I’m using Unite version 1.6.1

The site is

There should be sub-menus under “Eats & Sweets” and “Seasonal”.

What am I missing?

hi @dukeofurls

Thank you for the question
I can see the submenus under categories, eats and weets, nightlife etc, … looks like you were able to resolve the problem?

There is a 3rd tier of menu items that should display. They are in the menu, but simply do not show up on the site.

Hi there

Sorry, but looks like unite does not supports 3rd level menu :frowning:
You may need to search for third-party plugins for this feature