Sub-Menus not working properly

HI there -
I have browsed the topics quite a bit, and I still can’t find a solution to my sub-menus. When I was hovering over the drop down menu, it was disappearing much too quickly, so I moved the drop-down menu up using the following:
#main-nav ul li ul {
top: 31px;
However, now the Sub-menu is having the same issue. I’ve tried it in a few different browsers. Is there a solution to moving my sub-men up. (For example, under “Americas/North America” I want the sub-menu “Hawaii” to be level with “North America”.)

Could you please post your website URL here because you have done some modification to the theme and you have broken something. It does work by default, but I need to see what you did wrong there, so I can try to help and fix it.

This theme had this kind of issues back in early version but it is long since it was fixed and if you haven’t made modification and it doesn’t work, simply update your theme to the latest version.

Thanks Aigars! Yes, I probably did break something when I was messing around with the featured slider. I did update the theme a few weeks ago, but I have made some modifications since then. I appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

I see that you already fixed this issue by moving sub-menu slightly up.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi - thanks for checking it out. It’s not actually fixed yet. I moved up the first sub-menu, and I’m trying to fix the second sub-menu. For instance, under “Americas", I can click on "North America” and all of the secondary sub-menus disappear too quickly. I can’t click on any of them. Is it possible to move them up so that the drop-down section is even with “North America”?

Sorry about that, didn’t check third level menu.

Remove previously added code from Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and replace it with this one:

.wrapper #main-nav ul li ul {
    margin-top: -4px;

Let me know if this helps.

Aigars, I am having the same problem as Ashely. The most recent fix you gave her still does not help with my sub menus. If you could take a look at my site at and the menu tabs of “Resources” and “Create Your Own Blog,” you’ll see that their submenus cannot be reached with the cursor. They disappear as I try to move the cursor to them. I have looked at it in both Chrome and IE 9.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.
Shelley (chapin31)


Replace this code you have added to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

#main-nav li:first-child {
    margin-left: 12%;


#menu-item-12 {
    margin-left: 12%;

This will add margin left to your first menu element by specially targeting it, rather than adding margin to first-child.

Yes! That worked perfectly. Thank you!
Final question - I think I broke my featured text on my slider images. For some reason, when I load the page, the text pushes all the way to the left for a minute before moving to center. Can you just send me the original style.css for the featured text and I’ll adjust it from there, please? No idea what I did here.
Thanks again and have a good weekend.
Cheers - Ashley

You can always get the original themes files for all versions on

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

Thank you Aigars! It did the trick!