submenu doesn't open on mobile


Since I update my theme to latest version, submenu’s don’t open on mobile devices, there are also no arrows visible.


Please help.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

They seem to work on my end. What mobile device are you using?

Best Regards,

On ipad (mini 2) the menu is the same as on desktop, but on smartphone (iphone) the menu is the one with the 3 lines. All the headmenu’s are shown, but the one with submenu don’t have the arrow and don’t collapse. Before the update of the theme there where arrows and submenu’s worked fine.

Without submenu’s my site can’t show the pages below the submenu’s :frowning:

If submenu’s don’t show up after update, and before they did, then it’s a bug?

Why don’t I get a sollution? If submenu’s don’t collapse, the content isn’t visible for visitors and template is useless. A pitty, because for the rest it’s a great template.

So please any help…

Hello Brian

Can you please try this plugin to roll back theme version?

let’s check out if it was an update issue or not