Submenu not working on mobile for Sparkling WP template

Hi Aigairs,

I’ve just finished another website with the fabulous Sparkling-theme. And i’ve added a dropdown-menu that is called info. I’ve gave it the class dropdown-header and the URL an #.

This works fine on desktop but on mobile it doesn’t. I can see the ‘info’ menu item with the arow next to it but when i click on it, nothing happens. I can’t see the items in te level below

Thank you for using Colorlib themes for your projects!

This is known issue when using Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes with Sparkling theme. Please see “Attention” section at the end of Sparkling theme documentation.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Hi Aigairs,

thanks, forgot about that. Sorry

I now changed it and i think it works. Unfortunately i had give the textcolor of the subnav White. And when i now look on the mobile version i can’t see the text. I’ve changed that color now but i still can’t see it on my mobile version. However i can see the changes on desktop. I think it’s cache and cookies or something like that.



P.s. nice new picture :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for noticing picture :slight_smile:

And it must be some local cache issues as you are using WP-Super-Cache and for me everything works perfectly fine. It should go away on your browser as well so no worries. You can also clean browser cache if you want to.