Submenue - not enough space (Chrome/IE) - Make submenu wider


look to my screenshot. There is not enough space at the submenu and the last letter starts in an new line.

This Problem only with Chrome an IE. Not with FF.

What is the cause and what can i do?

Travelify theme submenu

Here the Screenshot.

but overall it is striking that the font is different between the browsers.

So, i see, your are back from vacation and you’ve helped some people.

Please can you give me also a solution? Thx.

Sorry for late response.

Add this code to Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.

#main-nav ul li ul {
  width: 200px;

If the space is still not enough you can increase width even more.

It doesn´t matter, I hope you had a relaxing holiday :wink:

Now everything is ok, big thx and great theme.