Submenues on the phone


I got a problem with the menues when visiting the page on the phone, the sub-menues aren´t displayed as submenues. Is there a way to solve this?

I do have exactly the same problem.

Me too :frowning:


Could you send me the link to your website so I could check?

thank you,


Here is the kink:

The site is still under deveplopment, that’s why I prefer to send you this as a private message.

I also have a few other issues with the theme, suppose you rather prefer me to open separate topics ?

Hi !

The link is


@rederstreet. I checked and it show perfecctly in mobile, see attached

you didn’t select the message as private, i reply to you as private.

For other issue, please open separat thread.

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Hi @gregorivaletti,

It seems like a bug, so I will send to developer team to check,and reply to you asap



Thanks! hope it get solved

Best regards

I’d love to know this too but it’s all marked as private :frowning: Any chance the response can be public?

Thank you!!


We reported this as a bug to the developers.

I will keep all of you updated.



I have meanwhile solved this temporarly by installing the Max-Mega Menu plugin. With that one the submenus work fine. But it would be nicer if it worked right away out of the theme.