Suddenly complete Theme is deactive - whole content is emtpy

Hello everybody,

something really weird happened to my wordpress site using shapely.
It seems as would be the whole theme deactiv, does anybody has the same issue and could help me.
Here you can have a look at:

Thank you and best regards

But the theme is activated, it is only complete emtpy, every custom change had been deleted :frowning:

The net update from wordpress deleted everything :frowning: Is there a way to go back or to fetch my old custom settings?
Thank you for any help


If you meant the customizer settings, then it isn’t a way. You can try this plugin Customizer Export/Import – WordPress plugin | to import & export the customizer settings in the future.

Make sure the theme name is same, if you change the theme, and WordPress things it is a new theme, and delete the settings, if the theme name is back with the old theme, then chances are the settings will be back.

Let us know,