[Support request] Digilab template


Can you explain how to configure the contact form in the Digilab template?

You will need to create a back end for the form that will allow it to send the form content to your email. I did this by creating a separate php file and linked it to the contact form but just so you know you will not be able to check if the code works locally and will need to publish it to your hosting service.

Hope it helps!!

Does it mean that the template does not have a form configuration?

I have already seen a video tutorial of what you are talking about if there is no other I will try.

Thank you-

Hello Saletti

Indeed, these are only HTML templates, frontend side of the website and if you want any form to make it work you have to implement the backend side, you need to create a PHP file and utilize send mail PHP function.
these files are not implemented usually in our templates