Swap the post title and post image


Can you please tell me if it is possible to somehow swap the post title and post image? Or is it too difficult? Thank.

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile: please provide url and i will take a look


enabledevice.ru. First post. The rest have no post images.

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I believe you should be able to change this from the posts featured image.

Would you mind checking it out to see how it goes?

Hope to hear from you soon.

I do not quite understand what you mean. I want the title of the article first, and then the image of the post.

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Sorry about that, unfortunately, this is not possible by custom CSS, without files modification such thing is not possible, the file you need to modify is single.php

Thanks, I thought so. Have a nice day.

Thank you for understanding, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Could you just not set a featured image, and then put the image you want in the main body of the article at the top? Then the title will sit above the image.

Well, it’s it also might be counted as a solution if you like it :slight_smile:

jdgmedia, Yes, of course, I did that before. But what I need is the post image.

In this case, customization is necessary to make such changes