Switching to Contact Form 7 from KALIFORMS does not allow me to see CF7 forms


I am customizing www.fremontcommunityfoundation.org. I do not want to use KALIFORMS, as I would rather use the free Contact Form 7 form builder. So I uninstalled KALIFORMS and installed Contact Form 7 instead. However, on the Contact Us front page section, I cannot see the option to select my CF7 form. Instead is says:

“Contact Form Creation
Install Kaliforms and select a contact form to work this setting.”

Can Illdy be changed back to allowing CF7?

Hi there

may I know what wrong with the Kali forms?
Sorry but we decided to move to Kali form instead of Contact form 7, it has better options and is better in every aspect


Do you find a solution to activate Contact Form 7 on Illdy theme ?

Thank you

Hi Mooms,

Can you please tell me what is your problem?

Hi Noda

Issue solved, thanks ! I’m using Kaliforms


Hi, there

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions