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I’ve installed Sparkling and playing about with the various features. I also took a look at Dazzling, but prefer the blog layout of Sparkling - but I do like the tabbed widget you have got in Dazzling (with me?!) I installed EBS and have got a tabbed widget now - however, how can I customise it so it looks like yours does in Dazzling? I am searching the code to try and find the right parts of the CSS to adjust, but can’t figure it out!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It also says you can have infinite scrolling, but I can’t see how to activated that…how do you do it?!

keep up the great work, I’ve used a couple of your themes now and I think they’re amazing for free!

That tabbed widget is different from that in EBS. Both use Bootstrap but there are some customizations in HTML and CSS, so I don’t think a simple copy/pasting will work.

Probably taking the entire widget from dazzling would be a better idea but I can’t assure that it is going to be a piece of cake :slight_smile:

Infinite scroll is powered by Jetpack. You should activate plugin itself and infinite scroll module and it will look exactly like in theme demo. It will work as one click to load more because I am now a huge fan of infinite scroll when there are widgets in footer. This can be easily changed by replacing “click” with “scroll” inside jeptack.php which can be found on theme folder - inc.


Thanks for your help!

I noticed that the tabbed widget is also on the unity theme - how would I be able to get this similar sort of widgit on Sparkling - it’s the layout of the blog that I love on this theme, compared with both Dazzling and Unity!

Thanks for the info about Jetpack - didn’t think to look there!

Hi Michelle,

Did you figure out how to get the tabbed widgets working? I don’t know how!:frowning: Thanks in advance

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