Table looks different on two identical sites


I have two identical sites where I use TablePress but for some reason on one of them there is a problem with the color and width. I cloned the sites from subdomains where everything looked ok. After I cloned to the main domain something got wrong with one of the sites and the table is too narrow and blue instead of grey.

I checked the customizer and everything looks the same. Do you have any idea what could go wrong?

Wrong styling:
Right styling:

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The tables appear to be very similar the only difference is the amount of text in each which will change the length of the table with the more text that is added.

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Thanks for a quick reply. It is definitely not the amount of text. I had the same table before cloning and it lookd different - take a look at the attached screen. I think i has to be sth with the page settings but I have no idea how to check it.