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Just one thing is stopping me from launching my site: wrong tag link. All the tags are linking to just one page which does not correspond with the subject of the tag(s). For example if my post is titled ‘History of America’ and i chose to have America as the subject tag, it does not link back to the post, instead it is linking to the feature post on homepage which has nothing to do with it.

Kindly help to sort out this error.

Thanks, in anticipation to hearing from you.

Once again thanks for the theme.

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Please go to Posts > Tags and check to see if the tags are assigned correctly and please provide an image of those tags so that we can work with more information.

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Hello There!
I am not 100% sure but I think i know what kind of problem you are facing. I also had this problem on my blog TheTechSecrets.CoM. I report them(colorlib) about this problem like you, but they could not fix. But some how I fixed the problem by myself now my all tag links are working properly. You can check my ques which i asked to them.
Problems With Tags- TheTechSecrets
Now how i fixed the problem is, I just deleted the post which was coming in every tag link. Yup! Thats it… It fixed my problem.
You can also check if this problem gets resolved by editing the the post’s URL or you have to delete that post like me.

TheTechSecrets Team!

Hello Aman,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve tried what you said, it did not work. The next feature article replaces it appearing in all the tag links instead of the parent post for those links.

If there is any other way you could help me i will appreciate.