Team Widget Picture not showing

Hello! I’m having trouble displaying a picture for each team member for the Person Widget. I’ve attached what it looks like. For the first two, the picture doesn’t show at all, whereas in the third one there is an issue.

How do I go about fixing this? Thanks in advance!


Please go to the malfunctioned fields and input the information again.
In this case, just upload a different image and go back to the one you need before Save & Publish the Customizer.

This should do the trick, let me know otherwise.



Unfortunately every time I try to upload a different image, I am unable to click on “Save and Publish” (it is unclickable). Is the image uploaded not being recognized for some reason?

I’ve even tried editing something else and reverting back to activate the “Save and Publish” button, but still no luck. I’ve also tried adding an additional person but their name doesn’t show up on the page.



If the Customizer does not reload the Save button when you set up the new image, you should change something in the other text fields of the project to force the customizer get the new information.

If nothing works, please provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message here so I can have a live look.