Template bough tagged as "responsive" while its not

Hi, I bought this template Orbit - Free One Page CV Website Template Design 2021 - Colorlib
its tagged as reponsive on mobile however its not

can I ask for a refund? if so where? or where do I acess the " * SUPPORT & UPDATES"

Thanks in advance

Hey there

You can get support here, in this case, you may use this css code to fix your problem:

@media (max-width: 991.98px){
.img-wrap:before {
    position: relative;

The problem here is this pseudo-element on mobile devices, if you eliminate it from mobile devices it will work: Screenshot by Lightshot

Thank you very much for your quick answer.
It fixed the problem correctly, I was getting mad at those “dots” wich I couldnt find in the inspecter.


Yes, it was a pseudo css class and really was not easy to catch it :slight_smile: